Outdoor Field description:

Our battled field is stunningly grassed and themed like the forest along with wooden obstacles, fiber rocks, lake with wooden bridge, hut, towers, wooden barriers, bunkers and trenches. The field can accommodate up to 50 players at a time with 25 players in each team and maximum of 100 players in a session.

Our field has designed to provide the best outdoor paintball experience along with best sheltered paintball effect with shaded trees and obstacles, Players are challenged with a variety of objectives and game formats. Our diverse terrain will test the skills of every player in the field and will have an awesome adrenaline packed action game.

Wonderland Paintball Sports Facilities includes:

  • Fully air conditioned paintball building
  • Outdoor battle field
  • Floods lit to play day and night
  • Shaded Viewing gallery for spectators
  • Paintball target shooting ranges 10 meters
  • Qualified referees monitoring the games
  • Paintball shop with latest paintball equipment
  • Birthday day celebrations
  • Refreshments & snacks available for purchase
  • Kids playing area
  • Horse riding


Wonderland Paintball