Why Wonderland

Wonderland Paintball formed in UAE as a passionate organization to make life better by bringing peoples together for fun and entertainment. Our service delivers inimitable proposals for the highest quality Paintball, Airsoft  all sort of skill  games related with target shooting.

We have got unique way of doing things – The Wonderland way…Its how we innovate, collaborate, operates result oriented team building activity and provide business solutions for setting up skill game parks. Our Proshop deals with the latest and quality Paintball equipment’s, Speed ball and Airsoft Gears with all ASTM requirements.

Wonderland paintball is the pioneer to breed  a structural environment with fully grass landscaped forest terrain. On field players could enjoy the real battle field experience along with wooden huts, towers, trenches, bridges. Green grass and bushes will be all the way beneath your feet. The Real Military operation in our structural environment  makes our battle field unique from any…

Backed by strong experienced management and well trained EPAF certified  marshals we operate amazing paintballing sessions. When the game begins, the Adrenaline starts pumping, and all players, from the meek and mild, to the bold and brave, strive for their resistible thrill of victory!!!

 “Nothing is better than winning a game against an opponent”


Wonderland Paintball